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siteMETA - site search engine software

Technical Documentation

 diskMETA Overview the computer search software advantages: full text search, effective file search, powerful search, fast file search, easy-to-use search
 Quick Start how to quickly start our search software for the first time
 Fact Sheet the search software parameters and their description
 Index Creation how to create a search index that stores information about documents on a hard drive and provides faster retrieval
 Working with Indexes how to edit, delete, and update search indexes
 Document Search query input and search modes description
 Search Results search results details explanation
 Advanced Search how to build complex queries with our user-friendly interface
 Query Language description of the query language for our full text computer search software
 Search Tips some search tips to make your search with our software quicker and more accurate
 Keyboard Shortcuts list of hotkeys that make your search even more enjoyable and fast

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