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Can't believe in instant search results?
Try our fast document retrieval software!

siteMETA - site search engine software

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About diskMETA

The question Where is that document? does not exist any longer. Ask diskMETA this question and you will get an answer in a fraction of a second.

    diskMETA  is a personal search system. It searches documents on your desktop PC.

    diskMETA is a multiple format document search tool. It searches documents of many popular formats such as doc, txt, pdf, html, xls and others.
    diskMETA is a full text search engine. It searches inside document content instead of just scanning filenames.

    diskMETA is an intelligent search algorythm. It does not simply scan a document body but evaluates and ranges documents according to
- the frequency of the use of a query word in a given document along with its inflexion, position, and formatting elements used for it
- the distance between keywords.
It also works correctly with reserved characters and abbreviations.

    diskMETA is a fast retrieval search software. To be able to start searching, you need to create an index. The index database stores information about document content and location on your PC. This allows you to find any document in a fraction of a second.

    diskMETA is a fast document access search tool. Each returned result includes a text fragment with keywords highlighted that helps to evaluate document contents without opening it. If you still need to view or edit the document you can quickly access it by clicking on a document title or a document path also displayed in returned result pages.

    diskMETA is a easy-to-use text search software. If you are already familiar with Internet search query input, you will be comfortable with the diskMETA interface.

- Have a good search! -

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