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Index Creation

You should create INDEX  before you start searching. INDEX database stores information about document content and  location on your hard drive. This allows you to find any document in a fraction of a second.

To create an index, please select the 'Indexes' tab.

Indexes Tab

Then click the 'New' button.

New Button
'New' Button

Select the folders you want to index and click 'Next'.

Folder Selection Window
Folder Selection

Select the document formats you want to index.

Format Selection Window
Format Selection

The most popular formats are checked by default.
The 'Select all' button allows to check all of them with one click.
The 'Add' button allows to add custom file extensions. For instance, you can add *.inf, *.php and so on. diskMETA uses appropiate formats automatically and uses plain text for unknown formats.
The 'Delete' button removes custom file extensions.

When you are done with the formats, please click 'Next'.

Index Summary Window

You will be prompted with INDEX name  that you can alter to what is more convenient for you. Then diskMETA will browse the selected folders, calculate the required disk space  and report that you are ready to start indexing.

The same window displays the selected folders and formats. If you need, you can change the index settings by clicking 'Back', otherwise you can start indexing by clicking 'Next'.

Index Status Window

The status window displays the indexing process details.

Indexing details:
  • elapsed time
  • name of the file being currently indexed
  • total number and size of the files to be indexed
  • number and size of the indexed files
  • progress bar 
  • remaining free space on the hard drive(s)
Indexing Succeeded Window
'Indexing Succeeded' Window

After the indexing is complete you get the following information summary:
  • indexing result status
  • start and end time of indexing
  • process duration
  • indexed data size
  • indexed files number
When the indexing is complete, click 'Done'.

Search Tab
'Search' Tab

Now you can select the 'Search' button to look for documents or create a new index the way described above.

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