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Working with Indexes

The 'Indexes' tab allows you to work with indexes. This tab displays properties of all present indexes: name, number and size of documents, date and time of creation.

Indexes Tab
'Indexes' Tab

The program lets you create, delete, rebuild and edit index settings. Each function is activated by a respective button.

New Button
'New' Button

Click 'New' to create a new index, see the details in the topic "Index Creation". For convenience you can create several indexes.

Deleting, rebuilding and editing indexes

Please Note: For editing an index you need select it by clicking on the index name. As soon as you do it, the buttons 'Delete', 'Reindex' and 'Edit'  become active.

Active Buttons
Active Buttons

The 'Delete' button completely removes an index from your computer.
The 'Edit' button launches a wizard style dialog window where you can change an index name, document formats and folders.
The 'Reindex' button updates an index in case its folders have new files. When you click 'Reindex', the indexing process starts. After the reindexing is complete, you can select the 'Search' tab and use the updated index for file searching.

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