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Query Language

diskMETA has its own query language that includes Boolean and refinement operators.

Boolean Operators
Operator Description
+ Boolean AND. This operator is applied by default, i.e. the query cocktail recipe is equal to the querycocktail + recipe.
- Boolean NOT. It lets you exclude documents where an entered word is present. For instance, for the query  cocktail  -vodka results will contain documents where there is the wordcocktail  but there is no word vodka.
| Boolean OR. this operator lets you find  documents that contain any of  given words. For instance, the seafood | shrimps query retrievs documents which contain seafood or shrimp  or both words.

Operators priority may be altered with the sequential operator "( )". If you need to find documents containing phrases vacation at the Bahamas or vacation at the Caribbean, you can use the brackets to specify the operators order: vacation at the (Bahamas | Caribbean).

Refinement Operators
Īperator Description
"..." The double quote marks let you search for documents contating exact phrases. An enquoted query retrieves documents which contain words of the same form and in the same order as the keywords.
[n, ...] This operator lets you refine you query by limiting the distance between keywords. For instance, the query [5, mobile phone] retrieves documents containing both words mobile and phone with the distance up to 5 words between them.

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