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Your documents keep hiding from you?
Try our effective search tool for a desktop PC!

siteMETA - site search engine software

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Search Results

Each page displays 10 search results.
To navigate through result pages use the toolbar buttons (1) or the page navigation tabs (6).

Search Results Window

    Each returned result includes:

Number (2) Documents are listed in the order specified by the algorithm. Most relevant documents diskMETA lists on the top. The relevance algorithm evaluates the frequency of the use of a keyword in a given document along with its inflexion and location, formatting elements used for the word.
Document title (3) Document title contains:
  • document 'Title' property for Microsoft Office family formats
  • contents of <title> tag for 'html' documents
  • first 120 characters of a plain text document
Click on a title to open a document with an apropriate application for its viewing/editing.
Quote (4) A text fragment with keywords highlighted helps to evaluate document contents without opening it.
Document path (5) A document path indicates a full path to a document. When you click on a path, diskMETA launches the document in an apropriate application.
Text reconstruction
Text reconstruction is a quick document text preview with the ability to jump through the highlighted query words. It saves your time allowing to evaluate the document without browsing it.

The 'Sort by' (7) option allows to resort documents by their modification date.
The 'Advanced search' (8) option lets you build complex queries without knowing query language operators.
You can refine search results by checking the 'Search in found' (9) checkbox.

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