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siteMETA - site search engine software

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Quick Start

There are just a few steps to take before you can start using a high quality document search on your PC.
When starting the program for the first time, please follow the Index Creation Wizard. You need to create INDEX  to begin searching. INDEX contains a list of all words used in your documents. When the indexing is complete, any document located on your hard disk can be found in a fraction of a second.

Click 'Next' to start creating INDEX.
1. Select the folders you want to index and click 'Next'.

Folder Selection Window
Folder Selection

2. Select the document formats to be searched and click 'Next'.

Format Selection Window
Document Format Selection

You will be prompted with INDEX name that you can alter to what is more convenient for you. Then diskMETA will browse the selected folders, calculate the required disk space and report that you are can start indexing.

Index Summary Window
Index Summary

3. To start indexing click 'Next'. After diskMETA finishes building the index, the 'Done' button will appear.

Done Button
'Done' Button

4. To start searching please select the Search tab on the left panel.

Search Tab
'Search' Tab

Enter your query in a search line and click 'Find'.

Find Button
'Find' Button
5. After you get a list of results you can click on any title to open a required document.

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