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Your documents keep hiding from you?
Try our effective search tool for a desktop PC!

siteMETA - site search engine software

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Search Tips

What words to use in queries

To use specific words is a very effective way to find the documents you are looking for. These words can be special terms, geografic names, people's names and so on. For instance, PCMCIA, Liverpool, Britney Spears.

Idioms and Word Combinations

There are a lot of set phrases and word combinations in your speech as well as in your documents, so building more-than-one-word queries works fantastic in getting high quality results.

To get even better results, use double quote marks or proximity operators (see Query Language).

For instance, for the query "computer peripheral"  diskMETA retrieves documents relevant to the subject omitting common computer related materials.

What if a query does not return the results you expect

If you get no results or they are not accurate, you should reformulate your query (i.e. try using synonyms or other keywords that may suit your query better).

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