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diskMETA desktop search engine NEWS
July 27, 2005
diskMETA-Pro and -Personal Update
  • now commercial versions support "Document Summary" fields (title, author, subject, comments, keywords).
  • Text Reconstruction window (document preview) is extended to 350K of text.
  • minor fixes and updates

    May 25, 2005
    diskMETA-Pro and -Personal Update
  • updated PDF-format support
  • updated MP3-tags indexing
  • added OGG Vorbis tags indexing
  • added BETA of OpenOffice Text documents support
  • updated MS Excel format support
  • added MS Power Point (.ppt) format support
  • updated search results page (fonts and background color)

    March 22, 2005
    Formats added PPT and MP3
    New formats PowerPoint Presentation .PPT and *.mp3 (ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags processing) were added to commercial versions of diskMETA.

    September 10, 2004
    File Icons Added
    New feature added: the corresponding file type icon is shown for every found document on the result page. DiskMETA analyzes the individual system settings, detecting which application/editor is associated with every file format, and shows the proper symbol.

    June 28, 2004
    8 top awards from leading online catalogues
    The full text search system diskMETA is recongized and awarded the top-rank "5 stars" by SOFOTEX, Getfreetrial, Shareup,, Brothersoft,,, ListSoft.

    May 11, 2004
    Final Release Announcement
    META Inc. announces final releases of diskMETA-Personal and diskMETA-Pro, commercial versions of diskMETA desktop search search engine.

    March 30, 2004
    PDF Format Support
    PDF format support has been added. Now you can search within PDF files with diskMETA-Personal and diskMETA-Pro versions.

    March 03, 2004
    Higher Indexing Speed
    The indexing speed has been significantly increased. Common sized (3-5 GB) database indexing is twice faster now. It's 2 GB per hour.

    November 15, 2003
    Local Network Search
    The option to search within local network folders is added. Now it is possible to index accessible documents within local network.

    October 03, 2003
    Archive Processing
    Archive processing feature is added. Now diskMETA desktop search can index files located in .zip, .rar, .chm archives.

    September 25, 2003
    Advanced Search
    The advanced search option is added. Without knowing the query language you can build complex queries and retrieve documents of the selected period with the help of a special interface.

    September 07, 2003
    Text Reconstruction
    The text reconstruction option is added. A quick document text preview with the ability to jump through the highlighted query words saves your time allowing to evaluate the document without opening it.

    August 25, 2003
    Index location Control
    Now it is possible to control location of each index on a hard drive.

    August 14, 2003
    Less Space Requirements for Indexing
    Considerably less space requirements for indexing. The larger the index size gets, the less space it requires.

    june 25, 2003
    Higher Indexing Speed
    The final stage of index building is optimized. Index building speed increased by 60%.

    May 16, 2003
    Large Document Processing Speed Increased
    A new algorithm for processing documents of 2 MB and more is applied. Large document processing speed increased by 15 times.

    April 10, 2003
    diskMETA Web Site Launched
    META, Inc. launched an informational web site for diskMETA users at First download of diskMETA-Lite took place.

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